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JL McKay

The Overcomers - Novel

       JL McKay - Author

As Ma’ayan writes about this task force, she finds herself falling for one of them…until circumstances cause her to question his allegiance. If she can learn to trust in things she cannot see, Ma’ayan will discover that her destiny is to become an Overcomer herself.

The Overcomers

...more than Survivors...Overcomers


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A bombing in Tel Aviv links to Fort Worth, Texas, where investigative journalist Ma’ayan Bracha is researching the Overcomer Task Force. These Overcomers face the rapidly growing complexity of a global community that demands innovative security solutions, and they fascinate the seasoned journalist. Before long, Ma’ayan finds her
​​self on a plane to her homeland of Israel, where a rising terrorist group is intent on destroying a prophecy that the Overcomers are trying to protect. Ma’ayan begins to experience a supernatural realm where the Overcomers walk in powers she’s only read about in ancient Scriptures.