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The Overcomers

When I was young I thought everyone kept a loaded shotgun at the back door to protect the family. I thought the well house was the perfect secret hiding place. I thought everyone had a beehive and a favorite pew at church. I thought box fans belonged in the window and daddy long legs in the shower, and after a long day, everyone sat down to a dinner of fresh shrimp and hot-water cornbread. But as I grew up, I realized that not everyone shared the same childhood—one filled with a God-loving family and one that fostered healthy imagination. I became someone who loved solving mysteries and finding treasures—and wanted to share those experiences with others. 
And now I work in counterintelligence. Gone is the world of innocence. It’s a given that terrorists and criminal organizations are just of few of those who collect intelligence, legally or not. In order to be better collectors, these groups need people willing to collect. I see firsthand the underbelly of society. I see individuals, businesses and countries that are using any ethical or unethical means to acquire information that will give them an advantage over others.  I see the pressures to be validated and recognized. And I see how this pressure starts to build until people make bad choices.  
For a long time, the heaviness of world events, corruption of mankind and things of this world weighed on me. But then I had a series of defining moments that brought me to a "knowing" that I am an atmosphere-changer, a warrior, a person of influence, a prophetic person. I am an Overcomer!
I desire this novel be a tool for covert entry into the heart of man, bypassing the intellect, so others may also come into the "knowing" that they are overcomers as well. 

Enjoy The Overcomers!

JL McKay